Friday, April 1, 2011

Vul-Con Swag Announced for Arena I

We're thrilled to announce a very cool "swag" item for tomorrow's Arena I event at Gamer's Inn. The first fifty people to register for the event will receive a copy of the Vul-Con Game Kit shown below. This Game Kit is perfect as a game "first-aid kit" for games missing parts, a gamer's skunkworks for designing your own games, or a components repository for those who have purchased downloadable print-it-yourself games from our Sponsor and its sister sites or own some of the "envelope games" so popular a few years back that came with no components. If you want to lock in your slot as one of the fifty to receive a game kit, register online today at Vul-Con Arena I Registration (today is the final day for preregistration).

The kit comes with a plastic case, an oversized pawn, beautifully sculpted plastic pawns in 8 colors, three six-sided dice (black, red, and white), and a handful of bingo markers in a variety of colors.  The picture below shows all components.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Vul-Con Arena I.

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