Monday, April 11, 2011

Gladiatorial Coliseum and "Ubi es Vulcan?" at Laughing Moon Con

If you missed it or didn't get to play it enough at Vul-Con Arena I, there's another chance to try your hand at man-to-man combat in the Vul-Con 5' Diameter Gladiatorial Coliseum this weekend. The Vul-Con Team will be bringing this monstrous play field and the 90mm scale gladiators to Laughing Moon Con on April 16th. If you've played the game or just want to learn, come out and join us. Amidst and amongst the other fun activities at this event, we'll be teaching a playing Gladiator on this truly awesome play field, We'll also be unveiling a new surprise in the form of our "Ubi es Vulcan?" contest. We'll be explaining how the contest works and handing out 12" standups of the Vul-Con statue of Vulcan to attendees.  This is your first chance to get your hands on one and a jump-start on the contest, which involves Facebook and you snapping shots of Vulcan in interesting or unusual places.

Want to know more about Laughing Moon Con?  Read the excerpt from their web site below or check out the site at

LaughingMoonCon hopes to introduce a new generation to the sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, and gaming convention scene.  This is a unique opportunity for veteran convention attendees and first timers to get involved with the long tradition of pop culture conventions. 
Held at Desert Edge High School, students and families can enjoy the event with the local community.  All proceeds from the convention go to extracurricular clubs at Desert Edge (last year, the DE marching band was able to attend the Fiesta Bowl Parade along with the Arizona 501st thanks to funds raised from Laughing Moon Con).
There is an entire world of adventure and storytelling just waiting for you to discover!
Saturday April 16th
11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Desert Edge High School
15778 W Yuma Rd
Goodyear, AZ 

90mm Miniature Gladiators

Five Foot Diameter Gladiatorial Coliseum
We Who Are about to Die, Salute You!


  1. Wow. Just, wow. Incredible shots. What rules set and what figures did you use?

  2. We're using the Battleline/Avalon Hill Gladiator game rules. We've looked at some other rules, but anything less full-featured than the basic rules of that game just don't do justice to the battlefield. The 90mm scale figures are BBI Gladiator figures glued to a custom hex base made by our own Rick Ivansek, who is also responsible for the construction of this Coliseum and its companion 22'x7' Hippodrome.