Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Awards Photos from Vul-Con Arena I

Once again we'd like to thank R&D Games for donating two copies of the BoardGameGeek Game through  I understand that these are currently in short supply and will soon be sold out, so if you are interested in a copy and weren't one of our winners (pictures below) rush over to before they are all gone.  We'd also like to thank Fantasy Flight Games for donation of the Rattlesnake Game.  This game was a huge hit with kids at Arena I, and we were thrilled that our winner of this game was attached to one of them.

Keep an eye on this blog, as we will soon be announcing some upcoming appearances at local events, an upcoming contest, and a new benefit to attending Vul-Con Sponsored Events.

Gabriel Suarez our First Ever Prize Winner and Winner of the BoardGameGeek Game

Chris Barath Winner of the Second Copy of the BoardGameGeek Game

Kent Parker Jr., Winner of Rattlesnake from Fantasy Flight Games

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