Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Post-Arena I Coverage

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Jonathan of Lightning Octopus for dropping by Vul-Con Arena I and for the really nice blog post yesterday. If you want to see some really nice photos of the event, drop in on his site at http://www.lightningoctopus.com/. If you're into gaming or geek culture in general, I'd suggest bookmarking his site - it is a wealth of information and his writing style is a pleasure to read.

We met some really cool people on Saturday and it looks like we may be turning up at some other local events.  Keep your eyes on this blog to find out where we'll be.  We also have a few other cool announcements around the corner, including a contest and a little piece of information about the Arenas and the Full Convention that we've been holding back until it is ready to roll out.

For now, here's another pic of the Hippodrome and one more from the Wings of War - WWI Tournament.

A Chariot Overturns Rounding the Bend

Wings of War - WWI Tournament w/ the Tournament Champion on the Right

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