Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vul-Con Interview with Boilerplate Creator Paul Guinan

The Vul-Con Team posted a 15 minute excerpt from our Skype interview with Paul Guinan, creator of Boilerplate.  If your interested in the origins of Boilerplate, how he connects to the Steampunk movement, what's up with the upcoming movie from J.J. Abrams, little known facts about history, and more, check out this interview.  If 15 minutes of Paul Guinan isn't enough for you (we could listen to him all day), be sure to join us at Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 where he will be one of our virtual guests.  We have more guest announcements and several event announcements that will trickle out over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.  Also, one more round of thanks to the organizers of Mustache BashSteam Crow and Gamer's Inn, for providing the venue for this interview. We'd also like to extend our apologies for the popping in the audio track.  We're still perfecting our Skype technique and hope to be able to offer cleaner audio in the future (besides it gives the interview a Steampunk, transmitted over the Aetherwebs feel).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mustache Bash Photos and More

The Vul-Con Team had the pleasure of attending Mustache Bash sponsored by Steam Crow and Gamer's Inn on Saturday August 6th at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ.  We brought two things to the party.  The first was a customized version of Wings of War that pitted Pterodactyls again Sopwith Camel Bi-Planes in a battle off the coast of the Isle of Caprona and over the HMS Furious.  The Pterodactyls were set on destroying the observation balloon tethered to the HMS Furious for the purpose of locating lost survivors in the area.  A great time was had both by those who played and those who watched.

The second thing the Vul-Con Team brought to the party was a virtual guest.  Via the magic of Skype and the Aetherwebs, Paul Guinan, creator of Boilerplate, joined us for a nearly 40 minute interview with fans.  He shared fascinating information and great stories about the creation of Boilerplate, the optioning by J.J. Abrams and Paramount of Boilerplate for a forthcoming movie, the development of the Boilerplate Coffee Table Book, and the upcoming Coffee Table Book set in the world of Boilerplate with a new protagonist.  Mr. Guinan provided an amazing interview and graciously fielded questions.  We hope to be able to share portions with you via our YouTube channel some time soon.

Great Costumes were the Norm with the Mustache Bash Attendees
Dog Fight?  Lizard Fight?

Pterodactyls Move in on the HMS Furious' Observation Balloon

The Pterodactyls Latch on to the Observation Balloon
Paul Guinan on Skype

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vul-Con Arena II Videos Live and More Pics

We've recently posted two videos from Vul-Con Arena II held at Imperial Outpost Games/ManaWerx on July 16, 2011.  The first is our interview with Andrea Angiolino (creator of Wings of War) via Skype.  Please forgive the video/audio synch issues, as this was recorded in the very lively and loud environment of Arena II, and Mr. Angiolino was calling in from Rome, Italy.  The second video is a quick tour of the event.  Arena II was an absolute blast, and we hope the video captures some of that energy.  The videos can be found on our YouTube Channel:



There are also fresh pictures posted to the Vul-Con Facebook Page.  Check them out here:


Now we're looking forward towards Arena III at Samurai Comics and Games on December 10, 2011.  We also had a great time attending Mustache Bash at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ this past Saturday and will share a few photos later this week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vul-Con at Mustache Bash Steampunk Gathering

Gamer's Inn and Steam Crow are hosting a Steampunk Gathering called Mustache Bash at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ on Saturday August 6th, starting at 1pm.

The Vul-Con Team will be there running Battle Over Caprona Demo using the Wings of War rules. Come join in and pilot either one of the Sopwith Camels from the Aircraft Carrier HMS Furious as it engages a flock of pterodactyls over the island of Caprona (from the Edgar Rice Burroughs book "The Land that Time Forgot") or  one of the ferocious pterodactyls.

The Vul-Con Team is also please to announce that at 3pm we will be conducting a Skype interview with Paul Guinan, creator of the hit Steampunk character Boilerplate, featured in pictures, books, comics, and, if the rumors are true, an upcoming movie project connected with J.J. Abrams. Join us to find out more, ask your questions, and meet an amazingly talented individual through the miracle of the Aetherwebs.

We hope to see you there!