Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Photos of Winners at Vul-Con Arena I

There were a variety of prizes and accolades to be won at Vul-Con Arena I.  We'll be posting some information about the winners and pictures over the next few days.  Today we'll start with the winners from our three Tournaments:

Wings of War - WWI Tournament

The Tournament Winners (shown above) for Wings of War were:  James Hiers, Top Entente Flier; Henry Tyler, Top Alliance Flier; James Hiers, First Place in Tournament; Terry Veazey and Henry Tyler, Tied for Second Place in Tournament; Jesse Archbold and Neville Stocken, Tied for Third Place in Tournament.  Each winner received a plane (donated by Fantasy Flight Games), the Top Entente and Alliance players received a plaque (designed by Vul-Con's own Rick Ivansek and sporting actual WWI airplane fabric), and medals were presented for First, Second, and Third Place in the Tournament.  Several of these gentlemen, including the Top Entente and Alliance Players joined us from Tucson and are members of El Escuadron 857th, Vuelo Del Javelina.  Their web presence can be found at

Dust Tactics Tournament

In an interesting twist, the first and second place winners in our Dust Tactics Tournament were not only first time players, they are father and daughter.  Ray Marron edged out daughter Alexa in the final match to become the first place winner and Top Axis player, leaving Alexa not only as the second place winner, but also the Top Allied player.  They were each awarded medals, pre-release Dust Tactics figures with cards, and a cloisonn√© pin for faction they represented in the Tournament (all  but the medals were donated through the generosity of Fantasy Flight Games).  Additionally, all players received Dust Tactics patches showcasing the Allied logo.

Ludi Vulcani Games

Ironically, Darren Nakamura is not a very competitive person.  He took a liking to Gladiator and Circus Maximus pretty quickly though and was the champion of both games, earning the first place winner medal for the Ludi Vulcani games at Vul-Con Arena I and a prize donated by consisting of a digital gift certificate for free merchandise at their site.

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