Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vul-Con Team at Phoenix Comicon

We're into the third day at Phoenix Comicon and thought it might be nice to post some pictures of our presence there.  Thursday night we had the opportunity to run one of our favorite games - Dust Tactics.  Two gentlemen joined us to learn how to play, and we drew quite a number of onlookers during the game and after it wrapped up.  It seems that Dust Tactics appeals to a lot of folks out there, and we're thrilled to be sharing it with others.

Friday we brought out the 5'+ Diameter Coliseum for 14 hours of Gladiatorial combat.  Attendees loved the game.  Many played and a lot more ogled and whispered under their breath "That's so cool."  If you didn't have a chance to play Gladiator at Phoenix Comicon, don't worry you can still play this summer at Vul-Con Arena II on July 16th at Imperial Outpost Games/ManaWerx.

Saturday was the best day yet, with the unveiling of our Legio Vulcani.  They made quite a stir on the floor, posing for hundreds of pictures.  Keep checking back, we'll have the first pictures up in short order.

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