Sunday, May 15, 2011

Savage Mars at Vul-Con Arena II

The Vul-Con Team had a chance to stop by Imperial Outpost Games/ManaWerx this weekend to check out the recent expansion. We enjoyed seeing the new space and were especially pleased to see the posters for Vul-Con Arena II up at the store. Here's a picture of the one in the storefront window:

We also had the great pleasure of meeting Howard Beam, who will be running events at Vul-Con Arena II at Imperial Outpost Games/ManaWerx on July 16th.  We're particularly excited that Howard is running Savage Mars.  If you're interested in fantastic Role-Playing adventures on Mars, don't miss this opportunity.  Not only does Howard have some gorgeous miniatures that will be used in playing the game (check out some pics below), the fine folks at Adamant Entertainment are providing copies of the PDF edition of Mars as prizes for some of the participants.

If you'd like to see more pictures of Howard's miniatures, they can be found at his Savage Mars Blog.  Be sure to sign up for Arena II soon, so you can lock in your seat for the awesome game.  We'll have a few more event announcements later this week.

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