Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vul-Con Interview with Boilerplate Creator Paul Guinan

The Vul-Con Team posted a 15 minute excerpt from our Skype interview with Paul Guinan, creator of Boilerplate.  If your interested in the origins of Boilerplate, how he connects to the Steampunk movement, what's up with the upcoming movie from J.J. Abrams, little known facts about history, and more, check out this interview.  If 15 minutes of Paul Guinan isn't enough for you (we could listen to him all day), be sure to join us at Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 where he will be one of our virtual guests.  We have more guest announcements and several event announcements that will trickle out over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.  Also, one more round of thanks to the organizers of Mustache BashSteam Crow and Gamer's Inn, for providing the venue for this interview. We'd also like to extend our apologies for the popping in the audio track.  We're still perfecting our Skype technique and hope to be able to offer cleaner audio in the future (besides it gives the interview a Steampunk, transmitted over the Aetherwebs feel).


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  2. Joel, that would depend on what your website is.