Wednesday, March 30, 2011

World's Largest Chariot Racing Game Sneak Peek

The Hippodrome for the World's Largest Game of Circus Maximus is nearly complete.  It will make its debut at Vul-Con Arena I this Saturday at Gamer's Inn.  Measuring in at 22' x 7' it is literally so large that you have to see it to grasp its true magnitude.  The Hippodrome's creator and the rest of the Vul-Con Team decided not to release any images prior to Vul-Con Arena I, but our resolve broke.  It is just too cool to not give you a taste.  The image below shows the 54mm scale chariots coming out of the gates.  Games fill quickly, so pre-register at to reserve your game slot, then join us Saturday April 2nd to try your hand at chariot racing and release your inner Ben Hur!


  1. Wow, those chariots do look good on the board!

  2. What could be more fun than playing a game involving chariots and scale replica of Circus Maximus? I regret not being able to attend and participate in a truly funtastic event!

  3. The chariots do look great. My only regret is forgetting to mention that they were painted by Tim Kulinski of Saguaro Painting Service ( This was a tough job too, since the plastic on these chariots was not made for painting and is very soft. This picture was my first look at them, and I was very impressed.